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Physical therapist are healthcare specialist who are well trained to treat musculoskeletal injuries as well as educate patients on injury prevention and disease management.


After completing an evaluation, our therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan to address your condition. Through the use of education and various treatment techniques to promote your ability to move, reducing pain, restoring function and preventing disability, we hope to assist you in reaching your goals and living a full, happy life or safe modification there of.



Kinesiotape is a “definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting.”


Our therapist has travel to Japan and studied with Dr. Kenzo Kase, who developed Kinesiotape.



Through the use of a hands-on approach targeting muscles, ligaments, skin, and facia, with the combination of active and passive muscle mobility and relaxation techniques, we can customize a plan for your specific needs.


Some benefits include:

  • Restoring Function

  • Decreasing Pain

  • Increasing Range of Motion

  • Reducing adhesions

  • Reducing swelling and edema

  • And more


Therapist can be made available either before activity/play to optimize performance and/or after activity/play to maximize recovery.



A Pre Workout, Performance, or Activity Assessment can be performed prior to initiating an activity or starting a sport to determine your baseline level of function and risk for injury. If desired, an individualized treatment program can be developed to address any areas of deficits.


A Post Workout, Performance, or Activity Assessment can be conducted at specified intervals or after completion of an activity or sports season to determine areas of focus during the offseason and reassess your risk for injury.



A Performance Analysis is simply a way of evaluating your specific movement patterns or mechanics while performing certain activities (jumping, walking, running, squatting) to identify areas of deficits, potential injury, safety concerns, and/or rehabilitation and training needs.


A Video Analysis looks at your performance of activities from different angles and at slower speeds, if needed. The video is unloaded to computer software where movement is able to be analyzed frame by frame to identify abnormal and asymmetrical movement. The information gained can be used to improve overall performance, efficiency, and help prevent injuries.


*Video Analysis includes walking and running over treadmill. This is usually done in at least 2 sessions in order to properly analyze video and provide feedback. Ask about what other activities be available for video analysis.



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